• IO Interactive has announced Hitman 2
  • The Game will be released in November this year
  • The game will be launching with a “Sniper Assassin” Mode

Let’s kick it off with this thrilling new trailer, rolled out yesterday after the announcement.

Is that Sean Bean I here?

IO Entertainment and Warner Brothers will be releasing Hitman 2 in November this year, following the release of this trailer and a string of teasers across social media.

The game is a follow up to 2016’s Hitman reboot, and will likely follow the same map-based update model, encouraging players to be creative with their assassinations in game.

The description of the Announcement trailer reads that Hitman 2 will include “The biggest kills in franchise history”, across 6 new locations. Now, that’s a big call and I am intrigued.

The announcement comes with a hefty preorder incentive too – an online mode called “Sniper Assassin Mode”, in which you can be deadly with your friends and pick off targets – alternatively, you could do the mode lone wolf, if that’s your fancy.

Hitman is a series that has had some major twists and turns across its model, being rebooted in 2016, and even getting a movie in 2015 – the extent to which it was good is arguable.

With this release, it has been confirmed that the episodic and seasonal update model Hitman fans are used to will be ditched – more information to come, but we could still expect to see some DLC.

Happy E3 Gamers, get excited for more major announcements across the next week.

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