About Us

Gamers Classified started off as one of the first online classifieds made specifically for the gaming community. As we grew, we realised that gamers weren’t just looking for a place to trade games, consoles and everything gaming-related. They were looking for real opinions from real gamers, coverage of the burgeoning eSports scene in Australia and a more local approach in the delivery of gaming news.

Sure, our online classifieds sets us apart from other gaming websites but what really stands out is our dedication to grassroots video game journalism. You won’t just get breaking news stories from around the world; we’re on the ground, in amongst the gamers and at gaming events, getting you really exclusive Australian content.

Feel free to use our contact us page to reach out to us about anything.

Content Producer

A young bloke living in Sydney who loves to play some games from time to time. Currently studying Media and Communications at Sydney Uni and working as a bartender, I like to play games in my spare time to wind down from a hard day. I play both Xbox and Playstation with some PC gaming occasionally thrown in the mix. Beyond games I'm really into Aussie Rock music, playing guitar and watching footy.



Content Producer

A huge video game fan, studying Journalism and International Studies at UNSW. I love to chill out with friends and play League of Legends or CS:GO just as much as I love to watch Twitch streamers or follow whatever big tournaments are currently going. Beyond that, I enjoy anime (so the JRPG has a special place in my heart), nights out with friends, and occasionally perusing the absolute highest premium of memes.

New Content Writer & Visual Content

Video game and chocolate lover from Adelaide. Currently studying Psychological Science and Marketing at Flinders University. Addicted to games since I was a kid and grew up on the likes of Oblivion and Quake. Big fan of the eSports scene and have met pro players from both Counter-Strike and Overwatch, however their abilities are yet to rub off on me.

Co-Founder & Sales Director

Head of IT at a large construction company, responsible for tech, innovation and strategy. When I'm not busy working, I might be on my food truck serving up a mean Vietnamese roll or relaxing with an intense game of Street Fighter V with my housemate. Over a couple of beer of course! I'm a passionate foodie, gamer, and traveller which I call my holy trinity of fun!

Co-Founder and IT Director

A very passionate gamer who grew up in Sydney. A father with a wife and two kids. Professionally, an IT engineer with over 10 years experience. I like web design, cars, and adrenaline sports. I am especially interested in eSports. My vision is for professional gaming to one day be accepted and recognised as a highly respected profession. Let's make it happen!

Co-Founder & Project Director

A professional IT project manager with 10 years experience by day.... an eSports and gaming fanatic by night. I battled my friends in Pokemon via Game Link Cable in primary school, hosted LAN parties in high school and now it's great to see gaming fans across the Internet connecting more than ever before.

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

SEM/PPC marketing professional with an interest in emerging media and communication trends. Enjoys writing, tea and calisthenics. These days, I tend to watch a game for the cutscenes and story rather than actually playing the game itself. Big fan of the SNES classic, Chrono Trigger.

Hall of Fame

For the awesome people who have played an integral part along the Gamers Classified journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you guys. Thanks so much for everything. We mean it! We’re grateful to have met you, worked with you, shared good laughs and dodged metaphorical curve balls together. You’ll always be part of the Gamers Classified family.

Event Journalist & Multimedia Specialist

Interning Video Game Journalist & Social Media Manager at Gamers Classified. Student currently pursuing a double bachelor's in Journalism & Arts at UOW. Creative arts dabbler, namely in photography, short films/documentaries and video essays. Dedicated gamer. Hails from Wollongong, NSW.

Matt’s last words:

“It’s darn hard to sum up the last six months in a matter of a few sentences. All I can really do is thank everyone at Gamers Classified for giving me a platform to, as a writer, vent one of my greatest passions.”

Opinion Writer & Graphic Designer

Graphic designer by day, bossanova jazz nu-funk reggae-beatboxin pizza-eating gamer by night; serving up some 21st century realness. I am on an indefinite mission to make boys cry (in CS & League & irl), take over the world (I have traveled nine countries thanks to Google Earth) and build my teaspoon collection (current count: 2). I inhabit other parts of the internet too.

Beth’s last words:

“There is no easy way to leave GC.

To think about all the thing’s I’ve experienced here: the head-butting with readers, constant change and new friends, the meetings where I didn’t listen yet learnt so much, the gaming event experiences, working with a family that kept me structured and gave me a new vision of my passions. It’s been a hellava ride fam.