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Gamers Classified focuses on providing real opinions from real gamers, coverage of the burgeoning eSports scene in Australia and a more local approach in the delivery of gaming news. What sets us apart from other gaming websites is our dedication to grassroots video game journalism. You won’t just get breaking news stories from around the world; we’re on the ground, in amongst the gamers and at gaming events, getting you really exclusive Australian content.

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News & Content Producer

Lover of literature and gaming from Melbourne, I’m a massive fan of story-based gaming and how video games are quickly becoming the next great form of storytelling - Anything story-based or a good survival-horror are my absolute favourites. Currently studying Writing and Literature at Swinburne University and hoping to take it into the gaming industry.

News & Content Producer

Gamer to the core. Will play anything casual, complex or competitive just to know what it is all about. Often ponders why he never has enough time to play all the video games. Also loves to follow eSports from all kinds of genres such as MOBA, Fighting, shooting and RTS.

News & Content Producer

Hello, My name is A.J. Splutter and I specialize in SEGA and Nintendo. I collect for all systems, new and old and try to keep physical media alive by purchasing games on cart or disc as a preference to digitally. I'm always trying to research and find out all things Japan to better my gaming knowledge.

Correspondent & Content Producer

B. Bus, B.A, B. Bus & Comms (Hons). I enjoy all things magical, fantastical and paranormal. I'm looking forward to combining my business knowledge and creativity to produce engaging content for the video game industry.

News & Content Producer

When I’m not addressing my addiction to Overwatch, I like to dabble in the odd JRPG with some favourites coming from the Final Fantasy franchise. I’m a sucker for games with great stories and fantastic music but I also love a good nostalgia trip with some oldies but goodies. I’m currently studying Journalism at the University of Technology Sydney and as a video games enthusiast, I love being able to report on them to my heart's content.

Game Journalist: South Australian Coverage

Gaming, music and chocolate enthusiast from Adelaide. Currently studying Psychology and Marketing at Flinders University. Addicted to games since I was a kid and grew up on the likes of The Elder Scrolls and Quake. Big fan of the eSports scene with an avid interest in Counter-Strike and Rainbow 6 Siege. On most days you'll find me studying or playing Destiny 2.

News & Content Producer

I am an absolute horror fanatic and dad joke connoisseur. I enjoy anything and everything that tries to scare me. My favourite games are Silent 2 & 3, Dead Space 2, Bloodborne and anything by Nintendo. I need some bright colours to mix up the darker palette.

Hall of Fame

For the awesome people who have played an integral part along the Gamers Classified journey. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you guys. Thanks so much for everything. We mean it! We’re grateful to have met you, worked with you, shared good laughs and dodged metaphorical curve balls together. You’ll always be part of the Gamers Classified family.

Event Journalist & Multimedia Specialist

Interning Video Game Journalist & Social Media Manager at Gamers Classified. Student currently pursuing a double bachelor's in Journalism & Arts at UOW. Creative arts dabbler, namely in photography, short films/documentaries and video essays. Dedicated gamer. Hails from Wollongong, NSW.

“It’s darn hard to sum up the last six months in a matter of a few sentences. All I can really do is thank everyone at Gamers Classified for giving me a platform to, as a writer, vent one of my greatest passions.”

Opinion Writer & Graphic Designer

Graphic designer by day, bossanova jazz nu-funk reggae-beatboxin pizza-eating gamer by night; serving up some 21st century realness. I am on an indefinite mission to make boys cry (in CS & League & irl), take over the world (I have traveled nine countries thanks to Google Earth) and build my teaspoon collection (current count: 2). I inhabit other parts of the internet too.

“There is no easy way to leave GC. To think about all the thing’s I’ve experienced here: the head-butting with readers, constant change and new friends, the meetings where I didn’t listen yet learnt so much, the gaming event experiences, working with a family that kept me structured and gave me a new vision of my passions. It’s been a hellava ride fam.