• Dirty Bomb Developers Splash Damage have announced the “MercServer” Update
  • The Update Brings a Wealth of long-awaited changes and updates to the Game
  • Splash Damage Developer Devower will also start doing Mercenary-Based How to Videos

Splash Damage have released a new update video outlining changes coming to Dirty Bomb, in efforts to make the game more enjoyable and playable at entry, casual and professional levels.

Dirty Bomb is a real special FPS in the market – here’s a writeup I did a few months back about it – it’s definitely worth your time.

The MercSERVer Update is coming to Dirty Bomb – here’s the video.

So that’s a heap of changes coming to the game – let’s go through the highlights.

The base credit earn rate has been boosted from 12 to 19, that’s awesome! On top of that, credit boosters have also been bolstered – they now provide a 50% bonus instead of double credits, and that 50% ‘ticks down’ daily, rather than hourly.

“It promotes players to stay in game, and the more players in the game, the less time it takes to find a match, and the better the match experience will be”.

On top of this, Missions will be getting replaced with Contracts. Mercenary-based missions have been kicked, and players can now pursue Contract rewards continuously without the time hold backs of Missions. The new contracts will work more seamlessly, but will take longer to complete.

In the next update, the mercenary Bushwacker will also become free for everyone to use – players who bought Bushwacker in the past will be given an Obsidian card for Bushwacker.

Fragger, Kira, Sparks, Turtle and Vassili will also be coming down in price.

Rentable servers will also be making the debut with the next update, and will be “Less than £1 a slot”. The servers will be hosted through Multiplay, and you can check the site out here.

Item trading through the Steam Market is said to also be coming to the game, coinciding with a rework of weapon cases to include melee skins. Already in-game weapon cases will be discontinued, but not deleted – you can still open them.

Dirty Bomb Developer Devower will also be starting a YouTube series on the Mercenaries of Dirty Bomb – a kind of how to’s to the game. You can check that out here, and here’s one of the videos.

So many changes, so many updates – kind of makes you think when they’re going to remove that ‘Beta Build’ Watermark from the bottom of the screen.

No release date has been posted for the update yet, but it’s still in development – more to come.

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