New Vehicle, Gun and Deadmau5 Skins arrive in PUBG

Twitch Prime Day is upon us and Twitch Prime members are getting a gift. PUBG have also announced a new weapon and vehicle exclusive to the Sanhok map.

Deadmau5 has partnered up with Twitch to introduce a brand new Deadmau5 themed set of clothing skins. The set is available for one day only and can be claimed through the Twitch Prime loot page. Available until 5 pm on July 18th AEST, the set includes:

  • The Mau5 Hat
  • Tee-5hirt
  • Mau5hoes
  • 5porty Jacket
  • 5lick Blazer
  • Black Jean5
  • Blue Jean5
Deadmau5 Set
Deadmau5 Set. Source: Steam News

PUBG Corp has also announced some more new items coming to the game but this time exclusive to Sanhok. The ‘QBU’ and the ‘Rony’ are a brand new weapon and vehicle that will be arriving on the test servers soon. Introduced on twitter, the QBU is a 5.56mm Rifle that will be replacing the Mini14 on the Mini Royale map of Sanhok, while the Rony is a four-seater pickup truck that will be adding to the current ranks.

Bug fixes have also been promised as PUBG Corp acknowledges the game needs improvements. With more details to be revealed following the PUBG Global Invitational (PGI) lets hope fixing the game isn’t overshadowed by new content.

Twitch Prime Day ends tomorrow evening so there is still time to sign up for Twitch Prime and claim the free Deadmau5 set. You can also sign up for 30 days for free as part of the Twitch Prime trial and receive more free in-game loot.