Source: Blizzard

Players have found themselves unable to log into any of developer Blizzard Entertainment’s games after a DDOS attack hit the network.

The attacks, which started at approximately 1pm AEST rendered some players unable to log in to games run through Blizzard servers, while others suffered from high latency and random disconnects.

A tweet from Blizzard’s customer support Twitter account confirmed that the reason for the disconnects was due to a DDOS attack.

Currently there is no word on whether or not players who were in Blizzards games at the time of the attack will receive back any potentially lost items or competitive points.

This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has been hit with such an attack, with one famous case seeing a World of Warcraft player jailed after DDOSing the games servers.

Calin Mateias attacked WOW’s European servers between February and September of 2010, resulting in his extradition the the US last year to face one count of intentional damage to a protected computer.

In May of this year Mateias plead guilty to the charge and was sentenced to one year in US Federal prison.

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