• A new trailer for Rockstar Studios’ Red Dead Redemption 2 has been dropped
  • John Marston, the memorable playable character from Red Dead Redemption, has been revealed as a side character
  • The game still has no update on being put on PC

Rockstar Games released a trailer at 1AM AEST for their upcoming title ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’. The trailer has revealed several things about the game world, notably its setting and the direction the game will take.

Without further adieu, here’s the trailer.

The trailer reveals that the narrative will include the gang lead by Dutch, an antagonist in Red Dead Redemption, with characters in the preceding title.

We already new Dutch would be a character in the game from the end of the first trailer, but if the game would be about Dutch’s gang was up to theory – looking back on the promotion images now, it was probably a safe theory.

A big bit of news is that John Marston, the beloved protagonist from Red Dead Redemption, will be in the game as a younger character – perhaps the narrative will explore the change in John’s character whilst also presenting a compelling narrative around the new protagonist, Arthur Morgan.

The trailer also spends time explaining the end of the Wild West – we got to see elements of the Post-Western age in Red Dead Redemption, with elements like the industrial settlement of Blackwater and the sophisticated weapons given to Marston by the Federal agents, perhaps we will see elements like this resonating through Red Dead Redemption 2, in a much more developing sense.

Unfortunately, the trailer hasn’t been coupled with a PC release date – although the game will be coming out on October 26 for Console players, PC players may have to wait some time, like with GTA 5, or not get the game entirely, like with Red Dead Redemption, which never received a PC release.

If your hype bar isn’t fully charged, here’s the first two trailers.

The game will release on October 26.

Saddle up, Marston fans.