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  • The Overwatch Development team has released a Developer Update video titled ‘Pink Mercy Charity Event’
  • The Overwatch Team will be collaborating with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with the release of the skin
  • Events will be held over the course of the month – All Proceeds will go to BCRF.

The Overwatch Development team has partnered with the BCRF with the release of a new Mercy skin, to raise awareness and take donations for Breast Cancer research.

Posted at 10 AM AEST, the Overwatch Team released the announcement via a Developer Update video.

The new Mercy skin is the first of its kind to be both a Charity skin and a skin purchasable via the Blizzard App store.

‘We know how motivated and inspirational the gaming community can be and we would love to see you join us in this effort’

The new skin is available now for $21.45AU, and all proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The team will also be holding Charity Streams ‘that will feature influencers’ across the month to raise funds and awareness for the BCRF.

A pink T-shirt will also be available on the Gear Store.

You can donate directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Here.

It’s always great to see charities partnering with games. Make sure you at least check out one of the Charity Streams throughout the month.

The skin will no longer be available after the 21st of May.

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