No Man's Sky NEXT

Sean Murray has announced via his Twitter page that No Man’s Sky is making its way to Xbox One. Alongside this, all other versions will receive a massive update.

According to Sean Murray, the latest update titled No Man’s Sky NEXT is their “largest update so far, and we’re working our socks off.” XboxOne owners will finally have the chance to explore thousands of planets and try uncover what is at the centre of the universe. The PC, PlayStation 4 and WeGame version’s will all be receiving a massive update. Though, the details of what exactly this update will add, or fix, is unknown at the moment.

No Man’s Sky was one of the most anticipated games of this generation. Unfortunately, it was met with ambivalence from critics and disappoint and anger from fans. Many were upset with Hello Games founder, Sean Murray, who spoke of numerous features and mechanics that were supposed to be a part of No Man’s Sky, but were absent from the its initial release. The biggest being some form of multiplayer, which was hinted at and eventually confirmed by Sean Murray, but never made it into the final release. Those anticipating the game felt betrayed and the backlash after its release was loud and swift.

Since the games release, Hello Games have released several large updates, which have added some of the features initially promised. Though not nearly as feature heavy as initially promised, it’s promising to see the developers working so hard to improve their game. No Man’s Sky NEXT may be the next big step for the game and could be the game players were initially promised. Whether or not it will live up to those massive expectations is yet to be seen. The fact that it is releasing on Xbox One could be a sign that Hello Games is very confident in No Man’s Sky NEXT. Let’s just hope it doesn’t hype itself up too much.