More leaks for the Italian Rainbow 6 Siege Operation and Operators

Over the weekend more information was leaked about the next Season of Rainbow 6 Siege. We now know more about the Italian Operators and their Gadgets.

Operation Para Bellum

An image posted to Reddit Yesterday displays the supposed name of the next Operation over some previously unseen images of the new Operators. ‘Para Bellum’ translates to ‘Prepare for war’, it comes from the Latin phrase Si vis pacem, para bellum’ meaning ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’. Accompanying this is some text that describes each Operator’s Gadgets and how they will work. If we continue from the previous leaks we can add these notes to create a better idea of these new Italian Reinforcements. In a previous article, we speculated that the operators coming in Season 2 of Year 3 would be one Attacker and one Defender. It now appears that both will be Defenders to counter the two Attackers from Operation Chimera. Continuing on, Season 3 will revert back to the one Attacker and one Defender system.

Operation Parra Bellum leak
Operation Parra Bellum leak. Source: Reddit

Maestro: Auto-Turret

The image describes a Tortuga Auto-Turret as Maestro’s Gadget, which may be aptly named ‘Barrage’. He will only carry one but whether or not he can pick it up once placed is unknown. To activate the Turret, Maestro will need to bring up a camera feed remotely, similar to the Drones. Firing will be done either by tap fire or held down for ‘multiple zaps’ or Auto Fire. However, the zaps mentioned may indicate something closer to Twitch‘s Shock Drone than Tachanka‘s mounted turret.

Maestro’s turret will also have a ‘shell-mode’ when inactive that renders it bulletproof. He will be a Defender and his Primary Weapon will be an LMG, possibly the CETME Ameli from previous leaks. Each Operator will equip a Judge-Revolver Shotgun as their Secondary Weapon. This description makes him sound much beefier than the previously leaked images would lead on. As a result of this, he may lean more towards a 3 Armour and 1 Speed than the 2 Armour and 2 Speed we previously predicted.

Leaked Italian Operator Maestro Rainbow Six Siege
Leaked Italian Operator Maestro. Source: Reddit

Alibi: Holograms

What we learn from the image about Alibi is that she will have more than one Hologram Projector. She will also be a Defender as the image describes what will happen when an Attacker shoots the Gadget. When they do so, they will be tagged ‘Lion-style’. Lion‘s drone detects enemy movement and outlines the players for the Attacking side to see. Attackers that shoot Alibi’s Holograms will be outlined as well but for the Defending side to see and capitalise on.

Her Primary Weapon seen in the new image may be the StormMX4 SMG from previous leaks. She will also have the Judge-Revolver Shotgun as a Secondary Weapon. It seems she may be a direct counter to Lion after his game-breaking arrival. With a similar Gadget, Alibi may be more similar to Lion in the Armour and Speed factors as well. Instead of a 1 Armour and 3 Speed roamer, she may be 2 Armour and 2 Speed to match Lion.

Leaked Italian Operator Alibi Rainbow Six Siege
Leaked Italian Operator Alibi. Source: Reddit

These leaks have not been confirmed by Ubisoft and, once again, we most likely will not know until the release of Season 2. This will be the 9th season since the initial release in 2015 and will also bring a new map. Moving forward, once Ubisoft adds more Operators and nears their goal of 100, they plan to introduce a pick and ban phase. To be added sometime this year, teams will be able to ban 2 Operators each for the duration of the map. Let us know what you think of these leaks and possible future changes to the game.