Image Via Dirty Bomb on YouTube

  • Melee Weapon Skins Coming to Dirty Bomb
  • The skins will be obtainable with in-game credits
  • The Crafting & Currency System will also be overhauled, with the introduction of Rads.

SplashDamage game Dirty Bomb will be getting several updates to its model in customization.

The team is adding the features in response to Ask the Dev’s questions from more than a year back, and are addressing Melee Weapon Skins as ‘something asked about for quite a while now’.

‘After the introduction of Weapon Cases, many of you have wondered if or when melee weapons will also receive a similar treatment’.

New melee weapons will be available in the store every two weeks – some melee weapon skins will be free, and some will be purchasable with credits.

The announcement of Melee Weapon Skins also comes with an announcement that the ‘Ask the Devs’ video series will now be incorporated into their general update videos.

The team also announced that a new currency, coined as ‘Rads’, will be taking over the typical crafting kits of the game, and will be effectively retiring the game’s crafting kits – crafting kits in the game currently will be transferred into the new Rads system.

Image Via Dirty Bomb on YouTube

‘This new currency will take the place of real money transactions and will offer you the choice and variety to spend either earned credits or Rads on future purchases – and these will also be available in a variety of bundles’.

‘This change will streamline both crafting and uying items in DB, making your inventory more useful to spend on whatever you’d like’.

Dirty Bomb’s Community-Oriented approach to its update model allows the Development team to be better informed when their changes are good or bad. Time and time again we’ve seen examples of how community feedback has influenced the game through the remastering of gameplay elements and the addressing of use concerns.

The update will be dropping on the 19th EST. 

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