SEGA is bringing loads of their classic titles onto the Nintendo Switch and releasing a mini version of their Mega Drive console.

Alongside the news that Shenmue I & II are coming to current gen consoles, SEGA made several other big announcements at the company’s annual SEGA FES event. The first big reveal was that 15 classic titles are making their way to the Nintendo Switch’s eShop this year in Japan under the title of ‘Sega Ages.’ The only titles announced so far are Sonic the HedgehogPhantasy Star, and Thunder Force 2, but we can expect the other thirteen titles to be revealed soon. The re-releases will be lead by Studio M2, who have worked on several ports in the past, including Capcom Arcade Cabinet and several virtual console titles.

The other big announcement was the reveal of the Mega Drive Mini console, which will be launching in Japan in late 2018. The publisher didn’t reveal which titles will be coming to the Mega Drive Mini, but we can speculate that big names such as Sonic and Altered Beast may be included. No release date outside of Japan has been announced. Considering the success Nintendo has found by releasing mini versions of their console in the west, SEGA is guaranteed to bring their mini console to our sunny shores at some point in the future.

Whether with the re-release of the Shenmue series, porting older titles to newer consoles, or releasing a mini version of one of their classic consoles, SEGA is banking on nostalgia with these announcements. Considering how many iconic franchise SEGA has at their disposal, it makes business sense to have these games available on as many systems as possible. Hopefully, a western release date will be revealed. I know I’m looking forward to playing Sonic the Hedgehog while I’m on the toilet. Gaming in 2018 has many, many perks.

[Source] via IGN