Far Cry Arcade is a sandbox style map creator that comes packaged with Far Cry 5. However, this description does not do the insane creation tool justice. Ubisoft gives players over 9000 items to experiment with while creating their own levels. With assets from Far Cry 4, Blood Dragon and Primal, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and AC Unity, the variety is unlike anything gamers have seen. On top of buildings, weapons and environment features players can also add NPCs to levels. This means the maps are for both competitive PvP play and arcade style PvE missions, similar to the campaign. The creativity of the community is the main driving force. For example, user kutwilie created a Prison Break style map, filled with NPC guards and one objective, escape. The possibilities are endless and should give Far Cry 5 some serious longevity.

How does it work?

From the player’s perspective, Far Cry Arcade is relatively simple. You can choose either Singleplayer/Co-Op mode or Multiplayer mode, then choose a map from the vast library of community creations. There’s a 5 star ranking system to let players know which maps and games are the most fun. The closest comparison would be Halo’s Forge and Custom Games system with LittleBigPlanet’s library. From the creator’s perspective, while the huge amount of options may be overwhelming, the creation tools are just an improved version of Far Cry 4’s.

Fighting off party-hat wearing pigs and giant gorillas in an overgrown city is a real thing in Far Cry Arcade. Source: PC Power Play

Singleplayer/Co-Op offers four main game modes:

  • Outpost – Kill all enemies in an outpost, may include stealth objectives like no detection or alarms.
  • Assault – Kill every enemy on the map, may include multiple waves of enemies
  • Bounty Hunt – Kill the market targets then finish the mission by making it to the extraction zone
  • Journey – Reach the exit, doesn’t necessarily involve enemies, can be timed or include competitive races for Co-Op
  • Also includes a list of modifiers for game modes such as Score to reach, Countdown, Loadout creation, One shot kills, Modified jump height, Modified gravity, Invincible, One shot kills enemy and Infinite ammo

Multiplayer offers two competitive modes:

  • Deathmatch – The classic 12 man free-for-all, can be modified to have certain score to win or a time limit with the highest score winning
  • Team Deathmatch – Similar features to Deathmatch but with 6v6 teams.

What’s already out there?

The Far Cry community is already tirelessly putting the creation tools to the test. Ubisoft released Far Cry 5 earlier this week and there is already some amazing content out there.

Best maps to play alone or cooperatively with friends:

Scarif – User Elca has recreated Scarif, the beach planet at the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Fans will instantly recognise the sandy shores, huge data tower and even a Tie fighter (although not pilot-able).

Baker Family House – The journey mode has a lot of potential for some immersive, atmospheric experiences. A great example of this is User wim_buytaert’s eerie recreation of the Baker Family House from Resident Evil VII: biohazard. From the muted colour palette to the dense fog, wim_buytaert has captured the haunting atmosphere perfectly.

The Wall – This Game of Thrones inspired Assault map from ManU_K89 is a great recreation of The Wall. Fit with its own Castle Black, players must descend the wall and eliminate the guards, who in this case are unfortunately the Night’s Watch.

Best maps to play competitively against others:

de_Dust 2 – The classic CounterStrike map makes its way to Far Cry Arcade from user Akilyoung, perfect for sniper battles between friends.

Nuketown – Everybody’s favourite Call of Duty: Black Ops map makes its way to Far Cry Arcade. The close quarters chaos translates perfectly to Far Cry 5, just this time there’s no Akimbo Scorpions.

Battle Royal – While not necessarily specific to a map, the insanely popular PUBG/Fortnite gamemode is available in Far Cry 5. Although players haven’t added a radioactive storm, the relative size of the maps and smaller teams maintain the frantic fun that players love.

With such strong creations already out in the public, Far Cry Arcade is a potential game changer for Ubisoft.

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