Image via Hyper Jam by Bit Dragon

  • Film Victoria has released a statement analyzing the current Independent Games Landscape after Funding ventures in 2017
  • Film Victoria says that the Gaming Sector will generate $1.29 Million for the State, after investing $550,000 in developers in Victoria
  • Film Victoria has also published some key observations of the Industry

State Government Organisation Film Victoria has released a statement outlining some key points and goals for the Victorian Gaming Industry.

The Victorian Gaming Industry is considerably massive, much larger than what we can see in other state, and is the home of The Arcade, Australia’s biggest Independent Collaborative Gaming Organisation.

Film Victoria has invested $550,000 into Game Developers as of the release of the statement.

After investing in a long list of Victorian developers, Film Victoria has released information on other development teams that will be receiving funding packages in 2018 to aid the development of their titles.

‘Seven of the projects are set to begin production, creating close to 50 employment opportunities for the games sector and generating $1.29 million for the state’.

The post adds ‘While gender balance is still being gradually addressed across all sectors of the Victorian screen industry, this funding round showed a marked rise in female-led projects, some of which were developed primarily for a female audience. They won their place in a highly competitive funding round’. 

The announced recipients of Film Victoria support are Lumi Consulting and Geiiz, along with Clara Reeves (the president of Hipster Whale who brought us Crossy Road), League of Geeks, Tin Man Games, Super Constructor, Paper House and Grease Monkey Games.

The CEO of Film Victoria, Caroline Pitcher, also made note of the scarcity in the gaming industry in Australia – “The latest round of games indicate a slightly different focus that steps nicely into a largely under-serviced market and I hope to see this trend continue to grow in the sector”.

I spoke to Ron Curry and Roman Maksymyschyn, a member of the ‘Bit Dragon’ team last year about what the funding in 2017 meant for the Gaming Industry in Australia – it really allowed for a lot of creative projects to take off, so it’s great to see continuing support into 2018 for Independent Developers.

Do us proud, Indie Devs!