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  • Steam Apps will become playable and streamable via a new Phone App
  • The App will function in the same way to the Steam Link – It will be released ‘The week of May 21st’.
  • Also announced was the Steam Video App

Washington-Based studio Valve, renown for its PC Gaming service Steam and CS:GO, DOTA2 and Team Fortress 2 games, has announced the arrival of the ‘Steam Link App’.

At 3:15AM AEST, a Press release was published in the News section of Steam. You can check it out here.

The Blog Post says that the app is intended to ‘extend Steam’s suite of services and accessibility’ – the app will be released across phones, tablets and TV’s.

The Steam Link was Valve’s original game streaming service to work in conjunction with the Big Picture Mode, for Gamers that are more about the couch comfort experience. Here’s one of the original trailers.

But hold up – Most Steam games aren’t designed with Phone controls in mind, so we can’t just expect there to be touch screen controls across all the applications.

In the Blog post, it was touched on that  ‘The Steam Link App will feature support for the Steam Controller, MFI controllers, and more across both platforms’. So great, at least we have those options. Also keep in mind a price has not been discussed yet – obviously there is more TBA.

Your internet connection will also need to pass some requirements before working properly with the Steam Link App as well. The post says that the app will only function ‘while connected via 5Ghz network or wired Ethernet to a host system’.

Also to be released at a later date will be the Steam Video App – ‘Later this summer (Winter for Aussies), the Steam Video app is targeted for release, allowing users to enjoy the thousands of movies and shows available on Steam’.

The Steam Link App will be rolled out on The Week of May 21st according to the Blog Post, whereas the Video App does not have a set in stone release date – but expect it sometime before Winter wraps up.

In the immortal words of the TF2 heavy, ‘It is good day!’

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