The female Dragonborn

If you are absolutely obsessed with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and aren’t sick of it being ported to everything including the kitchen sink, then ThinkGeek has the merchandise for you.

As part of their Modern Icons collection, which features other statues from titles such as Fallout and Horizon: Zero Dawn, ThinkGeek has announced the first ever female Dragonborn statue. Hold onto your iron helmets, folks.

The statue stands at 9 1/4 ft tall and weighs 10 oz. It features a badass looking female Dragonborn decked out in the iconic Skyrim armour set from the game’s trailer. The female Dragonborn is equipped with two swords and has the tail of a dragon emerging from the rocky ground, wrapping itself around the statue.

The detail on the female Dragonborn statue is just insane. The blades she is holding look worn down and battle-hardened, the helmet looks beaten up and has probably saved the Dragonborns life in a couple of encounters. The clothing is creased and her lower armour realistically folds around her legs. And, her boots look super comfy.

With the (anti-climatic) announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI, fans of the franchise now how another thing to sink their money into. Many games grant the player the ability to play as any gender they want, but this choice is rarely reflected in the official merchandise for those titles. Most of the time, the male player character is sold, while the female player character is forgotten. ThinkGeek is breaking this trend and providing players with the same choice they had in the games they enjoy.

The female Dragonborn statue is retailed at US$49.00 and will be available exclusively at ThinkGeek and GameStop. Whether the statue will be available at EB games is yet to be seen, but I will probably grab one for my Skyrim-obsessed partner. It’s the least I can do while she patiently waits five years for The Elder Scrolls VI to come out.