Rainbow 6 Pro League finals and Italian Operator reveals

This morning we saw Team Liquid take the Rainbow 6 Pro League title against PENTA Sports.

During the live stream of the match, Ubisoft revealed the new Italian Operators along with their gadgets and loadouts. We also got a sneak peek at Thatcher’s new elite skin with a sneaky face reveal.

We have been getting leaks about these new operators from the upcoming Italian Operation for a while now. Just over a week ago, Operation Para Bellum was confirmed by Ubisoft. The announcement let us in on some teasers which both reinforced and debunked the many rumours. The Pro League finals marked the official announcement for the Operation and released more details about the next season. Including the new Italian Operators, their gadgets, armour rating and weapon loadouts as well as the new map, Villa.

Take a look at the videos below, introducing the Italian Reinforcements, Alibi and Maestro.


Alibi will be a 3 Speed and 1 Armour Operator, making her perfect for roaming on defence. Her weapon loadout is as follows:

Primary: Mx4 Storm Submachine Gun, ACS12 Shotgun
Secondary: Keratos .357 Revolver, Bailiff 410 Revolver
Gadget: 2 x Impact Grenade, Deployable Shield
Unique Gadget: 3 x Prisma Hologram



Maestro, on the other hand, will be a 1 Speed and 3 Armour Operator, making him more suited to anchoring to a site. His weapon loadout is as follows:

Primary: ALDA 5.56 LMG, ACS12 Shotgun
Secondary: Keratos .357 Revolver, Bailiff 410 Revolver
Gadget: 2 x Barbed Wire, Deployable Shield
Unique Gadget: 2 x Evil Eye Camera


Ubisoft also has let us in on some gameplay footage and tips for playing the new map that is as deadly as it is beautiful. The video below also gives us a look at each of the Operators gadgets and how to use them.

Alibi’s Holograms will be something very different to what players are used to. Some very realistic copies of herself can be placed around the map, including outside, to fool the attacking team. If fired at, the hologram will mark where that enemy player is over a period of time, even if they stop firing, making them easy pickings for Alibi and her team. The base of the hologram will give away it’s true nature but it is possible for Alibi to stand in its place, so don’t always trust it. She can deploy up to three of these bad boys around the map and is able to pick them back up again.

Maestro’s gadget is a little different to what we were first expecting. What we thought might be similar to a sentry gun is actually a laser firing camera. Evil Eye is a bulletproof camera, similar to the secondary gadgets some of the existing operators will be getting access to. It can be placed on walls and floors and will act like other current cameras for team use. However, when Maestro wants to use it, he can open up the bulletproof shutters, allowing him to shoot a rapid-fire laser beam. This will, however, leave the camera vulnerable to bullets that could not damage it before. The only other way to destroy it is with explosives, good ol’ Sledge or to destroy the surface it is placed on, while Twitch and Thatcher can only temporarily disable it.

Speaking of Thatcher, we were graced with a face reveal during the live stream from a clip of his new Elite skin and MVP animation.
Thatcher Elite Skin
Thatcher Elite Skin. Source Twitch

It will be interesting to see how these new defenders will change the meta in the coming season of Rainbow Six Siege. Season two, along with Operation Para Bellum should be dropping in the next couple of weeks, following the reveal. Let us know which Operator you are excited to play.