In the history of film adaptations of video games, there is rarely, if any, a good one out there. Some of those movies or films happened to be quite a disappointment or just mediocre. For this Uncharted short film, is perhaps one of the best.

Nathan Fillion plays Nathan Drake in this fan film. If you need a refresher on who he is, he played in a number of movie and TV adaptations including Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds in Serenity, Richard Castle in Castle and John Nolan in The Rookie. For this particular role, it fits him like a glove with a few short but enjoyable scenes.

Allan Ungar was the director of the film and created this 15-minute film piece. Keep in mind that this is a Fan Film, so it was not endorsed by the huge movie studios whatsoever. Despite the short amount of time, the piece had a few action scenes and the dialogue does bring some of the Uncharted spirit in it.

The film did have similarities with the famed Deadpool short film that gained massive popularity when it was leaked. Unlike Deadpool, an Uncharted film is already in production with Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.

Fillion and Holland look very different. It would be fair to assume that Holland will be playing a younger iteration of Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie. You will probably know him to have played the latest version of Spiderman of the Marvel Extended Universe. To be frank though, if the history of video game movies were anything to go by, it does not inspire a lot of confidence. However, time will tell if Holland is able to bring the young Nathan Drake to an awesome spotlight.

The Uncharted official film is still early in its production with not a lot of details surrounding on its status. Apart from who is the star (Holland), there are a few names added to the behind-the-scenes.  Shawn Levy is thought to be the director (though unannounced) with a respectable portfolio that included a number of episodes of Stranger Things, Family Trap (2012) and Night at the Museum(all of them).

Overall, this fan film of Nathan Drake’s adventure does have some hopes up. If a studio picks it up for a movie or a TV series with Nathan Fillion as the loveable rogue himself, it might have fans gushing for a solid adaptation of the game itself.

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