GameTomo announced last night that they are developing a Japan themed spin-off for SuperHot. The new project, titled SuperHot JP (for now), is still built around the same time-moves-only-when-you-move fps game play. SuperHot Team, the developers of the original SuperHot, are working with GameTomo as “guidance”. GameTomo state that SuperHot JP is a standalone title as opposed to DLC, “but priced very reasonably”. The current plan is for a Japan exclusive release for “at least” PC and PS4, but they state a worldwide release is a possibility. The spin-off looks will give players 15-18 regular levels and 3-4 endless levels, with the same gamemodes as the original. New content will include unique and varied Japanese environments and new weapons, such as a bow and arrow.

GameTomo write “battle the red guys in a variety of new Japan-inspired environments, from hot springs to samurai castles, from seedy Tokyo alleyways to karaoke bars and bullet trains.”

Source: GameTomo

What makes SuperHot so special?

The original SuperHot was praised as one of the most innovative Indie games of 2016. The stylish art design and unique gameplay, being the time-moves-only-when-you-move mechanic, earned SuperHot an 82 on The core mechanic allowed for time manipulation and a puzzle like approach to first person shooter action. While simplistic, the red and white digitised art style was unique and vibrant. These two aspects gave SuperHot a fresh new identity, making it stand out from other shooters. With such a strong core mechanic, any new levels, DLC or spin-offs are welcome.

Source: GameTomo

A standalone spin-off game with new environments, weapons and 18 new levels is more than fans could’ve asked for. The new Japanese theme opens up a world of possibilities to further innovate the standout formula of the original. On top of new weapons and environments, GameTomo will include “some other surprises”. The neon lit cities, ancient samurai relics and traditional shoji interiors will allow for new and varied environments. As the bow and arrow is already confirmed, one can assume they will include weapons like the shuriken, kunai or fukiya. Japan offers developers many exciting design choices. As such, it is exciting to see where a Japanese theme will take SuperHot.

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