The Doc Elite skin is now available in Rainbow Six Siege

Heading back to the trenches of World War I, Doc is dropping in with his Trench Medic Elite skin.

The Elite skin for the friendly French Doctor of Rainbow Six Siege is here. While it may have been leaked some time ago, it is finally available in the store for purchase. The bundle includes ‘No Man’s Land’ weapon skins for his Primary weapons; the SG-CQB Shotgun, MP5 and P90 SMG’s. As well as for his secondary weapons; the P9 and LFP586 handguns. You will receive the Trench Medic uniform and headgear that can be worn in-game so you can help out your teammates in WWI style.

Doc Elite skin
Doc Elite skin. Source: Twitter

The bundle also includes the Elite Doc Chibi charm, the Vintage Medical gadget skin for his Stim Pistol and the ‘They Shall Not Pass‘ victory animation below. You will also get the Elite Operator card to show off to everyone in the operator pick stage that you have an Elite skin.

Just like all the other Elite bundles, it will set you back 1,800 R6 credits.

R6 credits can be purchased will real money from the Ubisoft Store. Elite skins cannot be purchased with Renown which is earned in-game.

We are currently in the middle of Season Two of Year Three with two more seasons to go. Next season we will get two more operators and a map rework. Like Season One, these operators will not be from the same country and we will instead be getting new British and American Operators. It is not yet known which of the operators will be on attack or defence but we do know they will be one of each. If past Seasons are anything to go by, we might see some leaks in the lead up to Season Three.

What do you think of Doc’s Elite skin? Will you be buying his or any other Elite skins or are they too expensive for cosmetic items?

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