WomANZ Community for Female Gamers and Content Creators

Introducing WomANZ, a community created for the women of the ANZ gaming world, brought to you by popular Twitch Streamer Naysy.

Girls have been a growing part of the gaming community for a long time. From streamers to professional eSports players and even the casual gamers. We are all part of the female gaming world and we are all worth celebrating.

Naysy is a popular Australian female streamer on Twitch and is also the Marketing Producer for game company, Histper Whale. WomANZ is a project she has been working on for some time and as it has finally been launched, it is something everyone can get behind.

So what is WomANZ?

WomANZ is a private discord server and Twitch community for female content creators and gamers alike, to come together, make friends and have a safe space. Content creators can include anything from Streamers and YouTubers to professional players and shout casters and even to gaming journalists and marketers. Making it in the male-dominated industry is tough. Having a bunch of even tougher girls to surround you with on that journey is something very important. This community is here to provide just that, for people to talk to about the hurdles and challenges you may face in this industry.

Where do I sign?

The community is open to female-identifying and non-binary people from Australia and New Zealand. To join the private discord server, fill out one of these applications. Upon your acceptance Naysy and her admin, PiebyPie will contact you with an invite link to the Discord. The Twitch community is public and open to streamers who wish to rep the WomANZ badge.

Even if you aren’t a content creator or female identifying, you can still show your support. You can follow the Twitch community and see all the channels currently live. Then, go give these girls a watch and give them your support. You can also share the news with other female gamers or content creators that don’t yet know about the community.

Gaming, music and chocolate enthusiast from Adelaide. Currently studying Psychology and Marketing at Flinders University. Addicted to games since I was a kid and grew up on the likes of The Elder Scrolls and Quake. Big fan of the eSports scene with an avid interest in Counter-Strike and Rainbow 6 Siege. On most days you'll find me studying or playing Destiny 2.