Have Counter-Strike Majors lost their prestige

According to former CSGO Major Champion ‘TACO’ who currently plays for Team Liquid, CSGO Majors have lost their prestige.

He posted on Twitter, with a few reasons why he believes this is the case. The first being the move to change back to the Swiss Format. The Second was the rules surrounding team rosters being locked in and the third was the devaluing of team stickers. Below is the Tweet he posted on Wednesday:

His first reason is the switch to Swiss Format which is used in the group stages of tournaments.

This format involves multiple Best of One matches to determine who is eliminated and who moves onto the finals. Once teams win the specified amount of games they are either kicked out or are safe and move on. Remaining teams keep playing the Bo1 until they too have won or lost that amount. The infographic below demonstrates how this format works with five rounds of group stages and the specified wins and losses being three.

Swiss Format
Swiss Format. Source: Gamers Classified
The second reason TACO mentions surrounds the ‘lock-in’ rules for each team’s players.

These rules that lock in team rosters are not consistent across all tournaments. For Major tournaments that are sponsored by Valve, the rule is that players cannot compete in the Major with any team other than the one they attempted to qualify with. The problem with this is that qualifiers can take place months in advance to the Major itself, which restricts any roster changes or players swaps in that time. In the professional Counter-Strike scene, a couple of months is a long time that can see many changes to teams so this can become problematic.

His last reason concerns the team stickers that Valve makes available for purchase during each Major.

The next major will be the FACEIT London Major that will be held later this year in September. The Legends are the returning top eight teams from the Boston Major that Cloud 9 won earlier this year. The Challengers are the next eight teams known as Boston’s Fallen. Teams that qualify in the current Minor’s Champions will round out the last eight teams. All of these qualifying teams will be getting their own stickers like they did below for Boston. With the Minor bracket still to be determined the stickers for the FACEIT London Major have not yet been revealed.

Boston Major Team Stickers
Boston Major Team Stickers. Source: Counter-Strike.net

Stewie2K who currently plays with TACO’s old roster MiBR, formerly SK Gaming, also weighed in on the stickers last year. With so many teams getting a sticker might make it feel like less of an achievement. However, it also lets the smaller teams earn some money and recognition so they can hopefully return for the next one.

Let us know your opinions on these or any other points and if you think they help or hinder the CSGO Majors. The FACEIT London Major will begin on September 5th after the current Minor qualifiers finish up. The first Major of 2019 has also been announced and we will be heading back to Katowice. IEM Katowice Major is set to begin of February 14th but we have London to look forward to before that.