TaZ set to join Kinguin and Golden already leaving Fnatic

Kinguin are currently in talks with TaZ from Virtus.pro about joining their new lineup. Golden is also handing over his in game leader position in Fnatic.

More Counter-Strike roster changes are afoot. It wasn’t long ago that we saw the success of Golden as in game leader for Fnatic. They won the Intel Extreme Masters at Katowice just earlier this month. It was also only last month that Taz was benched from the active roster of Virtus.pro. Vowing he would be back again, he certainly will be if he joins Kinguin.

TaZ to join Kinguin

TaZ to join Kinguin
TaZ to join Kinguin

When Taz left Virtus.pro he was replaced by ‘MICHU’ on a temporary loan from Kinguin. Virtus.pro had not been performing well at tournaments and even with the change have not improved as of yet. For Kinguin, losing MICHU didn’t help their case either and have been trying to bring back their form. After bringing in Portuguese players ‘fox’ and ‘MUTiRiS’ the team did not improve. Negotiations would include letting these two players go in favour of TaZ, ‘MINISE’ and ‘reatz’. The new lineup for Kinguin will consist of an all Polish team, should the talks go well. The new lineup will consist of:

⁠ Wiktor ‘TaZ’ Wojtas
⁠ Karol ‘rallen’ Radowicz
⁠ Mikołaj ‘mouz’ Karolewski
⁠ Jacek ‘MINISE’ Jeziak
⁠ Paweł ‘reatz’ Jańczak

Xizt to replace Golden

Xizt to replace Golden
Xizt to replace Golden

After an amazing run from Fnatic at IEM Katowice it seemed that Golden had cemented his place on the team. However, the in game leader is now set to be replaced by ‘Xizt’ from Ninjas in Pajamas. Xizt had been benched when ‘dennis’ from Fnatic had joined NiP. Fnatic has been through many roster changes over the years including its reshuffle with fellow swedish team GODSENT. Only recently have the team been able to bring their level back up to what it was in their early days. Xizt is no stranger to playing for Fnatic who was apart of the Counter-Strike 1.6 team. The new lineup will consist of:

⁠ Jesper ‘JW’ Wecksell
⁠ Robin ‘flusha’ Rönnquist
⁠ Freddy ‘KRiMZ’ Johansson
⁠ Jonas ‘Lekr0′ Olofsson
⁠ Richard ‘Xizt’ Landström

It is great to see TaZ coming back but also disappointing to see Golden being benched after such a good run. We wish these players best in their continuing Counter-Strike journeys and hope to see all respective teams playing well in the future.