Dark Souls is a hard enough franchise as it is. After all, ‘Prepare to Die’ was the advertising tag line for the original games release. So, one could imagine that beating these games without dying would be a difficult task. But, what about beating all three games back-to-back without getting hit?

Twitch streamer, The_Happy_Hob has managed to complete all three Dark Souls games, back-to-back, without getting hit once. What makes this run even more insane was that it’s a glitchless, magic-free run. So, he couldn’t cheese the enemies with magic, attack them from a distance, or use glitches to get past particularly difficult sections. Instead, he had to get up close and personal by only using melee weapons, which is the perfect range for an enemy to hit you.

In what could be one of the toughest battles of his life, The_Happy_Hob faced off against the final boss of the original Dark Souls, ‘Gwyn, Lord of Cinder’, but after some great parrying, dodging, and backstabbing, he landed the killing blow and his insane adventure was over. A task many would immediately dismiss as impossible, was done in just over ten hours. Completing one of these games without getting hit is an amazing accomplishment in its own right, but completing all three? That is crazy.

That doesn’t mean his journey was all sunshine and rainbows. This is Dark Souls after all. The_Happy_Hob has been grinding his no hit run for over 12 months and has experienced his fair share of soul-crushing moments. One of the more devastating occurrences was after he had cleared Dark Souls 1 and 2, without getting it and was up to the final boss of Dark Souls 3, ‘Soul of Cinder’. He was so close to completing his goal, but was unfortunately killed half way through the battle. Naturally, he was pretty upset.

But in the end, The_Happy_Hob persisted and eventually triumphed and with the final blow, he screamed, “gaming history!” He has deservedly made his mark in the Dark Souls community as one of its best players. You can check out the entire run over at his Twitch channel.

The challenge he set himself was absolutely insane, but he showed the world that this franchise isn’t as tough as it makes itself out to be. I guess the next step would be to the the same thing with a Guitar Hero controller?