Solstice of Heroes update for Destiny 2

With the Forsaken expansion on the way later this year, the July update brings a Summer Event to Destiny 2.

While it might be the middle of Winter for us in the Southern Hemisphere, Destiny is diving into its Summer Solstice event. The Solstice of Heroes event will bring some new missions, items and of course give the Tower a makeover. Take a look at the Developer Insights video below for the July Update.

Talking to the event statue at the Tower will get you a new armour set and will begin the event challenge missions. These missions will take you through the campaign mission again but at a higher difficulty with different enemies and bosses. Rewards from these missions will give you 400 power level armour. Along with the event are the moments of Triumph that will be running until the new expansion arrives. Also coming back with the update are bounties available from Zavala.

There will also be a brand new Solstice Engram that you can open at Eververse. You will receive one along with the Bright Engram when you level up. The rewards inside can include Ghost skins, Weapons, Sparrows and Emotes.

Solstice of Heroes Rewards
Solstice of Heroes Rewards. Source:

PvP is also getting some new permanent additions that were promised including the 6v6 mode without having to wait for Iron Banner. When Iron Banner does come around though there are some changes that will differentiate it from the normal 6v6 mode. These changes include the flags now becoming fire pits to make it feel more like Iron Banner. Power plays will also now lock the zones for 20 seconds so that the enemy team cannot recapture them. This could really turn the game in that team’s favour.

Raids are also getting a new kick with challenges that aim to change the experience of prestige raids every time. And the good ol’ reward weapons for completing prestige raid lairs are now up to 400 power level.

This update does not require any DLC or expansions to play and is a free update for all players who own the base game. The Solstice of Heroes event will begin on July 31st and will end on August 28th.

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