The Predator makes a return. Although not in its own game, but stalking the deep undergrowth of the Bolivian jungle of Ghost Recons Wildlands. Thanks to a partnership between Ubisoft and FoxNet Games players can celebrate The Predator movie’s 30th anniversary with free content available only for a limited time.

Starting December 14 until early January, players will get a chance to take on this ultimate challenge. The hunt for the Predator can be done solo or in 4 player co-op and is said to be the hardest fight within the whole game. Not only will it aim to put you in similar shoes to those in the movie, it’s also filled with references and easter eggs that fans will enjoy. For this challenge the Bolivian jungle is perfect for the scene for tense, tactical gameplay

Watching from above

Now a challenge like this wouldn’t be complete without some amazing rewards. Upon defeating the Predator player will acquire its mask giving players the iconic Predator vision as seen in the movie. Other rewards include the Predator Pack, containing 15 customisation items, weapons and a unique close combat move so that players can deck their Ghost out while recreating some of the most memorable characters from the movie.

On the hunt

Furthermore, players will gain access to a new Ghost War PvP class. Inspired by the movie’s protagonist Dutch, the class has the ability to engage in Battle Rage mode giving players a new alternative offensive strategies and tactics. This new class is accessible to those with the Ghost War Pass or the Season Pass, or even by using Prestige points directly.

This free update is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Hurry and complete the challenge before the Predator gets you!

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