2018 looks to be a promising year for Overwatch as a wide variety of events and new content are set to drop throughout the year. The New Year is set to kick-off with a Lunar New Year event, a new map, the start of Blizzard’s Overwatch League and with lots more content planned along the way, what more could you ask for.

A couple of items set to arrive “very soon” are the new Blizzard World map and the Lunar New Year event. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the new map acts as a theme park for Blizzard’s other franchises and is chock full of great Easter eggs all the while giving the players a new gameplay experience, from both a casual and competitive standpoint.

This year’s Lunar event is based on the Year of the Dog and will, in Kaplan’s words, include some “pretty significant content that players are going to be very happy with”. Other events that are set to take place later in the year is the Uprising event which will return in some form as Blizzard “wants to evolve it” in some way. The Anniversary event will also return, giving players another chance to earn rewards such as dance emotes.

The Overwatch League will also kick-off this January 10th and will last until the grand finals on July 26-28. 12 teams will battle it out for the title of the first Overwatch League champions, along with the Overwatch League trophy and a USD $1 million bonus. Blizzard is also looking to improve Overwatch Competitive and is looking for “good, short-term, strategic, and tactical fixes to Competitive Play” but also with a key focus on the game’s long-term evolution.

Players can expect even more content later down the line as “great new maps” and a new character, called Hero 27 for now, will be added at some point. Although any details on this new character are yet to be released but all we know for now is that it’s already in internal testing. Additional content will also be added to the base loot box some time in the future, giving players a wider variety of items for customisation.

And there we go; a variety of content Overwatch fans will be sure to look forward to and enjoy throughout the year. What new feature are you most excited to see added to the game?

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