Outbreak is coming


The highly anticipated limited time event, Outbreak, will be coming to Rainbow Six: Siege tonight. Servers will come down for the update and maintenance at 1am AEDT for PC, followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in one hour intervals. The event is part of the base game and will not require players to purchase any DLC. It has been available on the Rainbow 6 Siege test servers since the 20th of February to get it ready for full release.

An infestation of unknown origin is attacking the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The danger is so high that the authorities quarantined the entire town, trapping civilians and soldiers inside.Ubisoft blog post

Watch the Outbreak Gameplay Trailer below:

The PvE game mode comes as a part of the new Operation Chimera, this first for year 3, that focuses on Biological and Chemical weaponry. To survive, you and 2 other players will need to kill the hordes of infected zombies and complete the objectives. You can only play a select few of the operators for this mode and you must choose wisely. The list includes the two new operators for Operation Chimera, Finka and Lion, whom we have already met. You may also play as the Recruit if you really want to.

Outbreak Operators

Smoke           Ying             Buck


Kapkan        Hibana         Zofia


Fuze              Ash               Doc


Thermite     Tachanka         Glaz


Finka            Lion            Recruit


Three new co-op level maps will be available to play Outbreak on with your 3-man team. These levels will have more linear progression and larger outside areas than the normal PvP maps. Players can also choose between Normal and Pandemic for the difficulty of the level. The latter turns friendly fire on, increases the amount of zombies and allows them to ‘take you down with only a few hits’. There are five different types of Zombies in Outbreak and all come with their own unique abilities.

Zombie Archetypes


These guys are the common infected, once they spot you they will begin to mutate and signal to other grunts to hunt you down. Silencers can be useful to get past any lonesome grunts without attracting the horde.


Armed with spikes they conjure from beneath you, rooters can trap you in place. The only way to free yourself is to kill the rooter but they can be very elusive, disappearing into the floor only to appear somewhere else.


Recognizable by the yellow bubbles on their back, breachers will explode when they get close to you. If you see bubbles forming on the walls, chances are they are about to explode through it.


As you might have guessed smashers smash things. Comparable to a charger from Left 4 Dead, they will run at you and hit you to the ground. They are however blind and have a bright pulsating weak spot on their back.


If Zombies had mages these guys would be it. They can boost other zombies around them, making them stronger, as well as drain you and your teammates, making you weaker. Apex can also splash you in the face causing partial and temporary obstruction of view.

For more Gameplay and Tips, watch the video below:

Outbreak also brings in some new unique items that come in Outbreak packs. These items include ‘exclusive headgears, uniforms, weapon skins, and charms to customize Rainbow Six Operators’. You will also never receive duplicates of these items when opening packs, giving you the opportunity to collect all 50 items.

The event will run for 4 weeks until April 3rd, however, there has been speculation that Ubisoft may extend the event if it becomes popular.