Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void
Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void

Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void, is the official new League of Legends champion. The news comes from a champion reveal on the League of Legends website. The first champion of 2018 appears to be an attack damage based character suitable for ADC or Jungle roles. As a champion from the Void, she shares the lore and appearance of champions like Kha’Zix and Vel’Koz.

Her bio reads “To survive among predators, Kai’Sa became one. Stranded for years with no hope of rescue, Kai’Sa endured through sheer will and a symbiotic second skin adapted from a living Void creature. Now the Daughter of the Void emerges an apex hunter torn between two worlds: the one that birthed her, and the one that made her.”

Her release skin, Bullet Angel Kai’Sa



Kai’Sa has two passives. Caustic Wounds empowers her basic attacks to applies stacks of ‘Plasma’ to enemies. Each stack of Plasma deals increasing bonus damage with the last dealing a burst of damage based on missing health. Her second passive is Living Weapon, which evolves her other abilities based on shop items and stats.

Q: Icathian Rain

Icathian Rain releases a volley of missiles that evenly seek out enemies. Additional hits on the same target do reduced damage. If the player builds bonus Attack Damage, Living Weapon will evolve her Q to fire more missiles. As the missiles seek enemies out evenly, it is best to attack a single target to maximise damage.

W: Void Seeker

Void Seeker shoots a bolt of energy that deals magic damage and applies two stacks of Plasma. Void Seeker also reveals the first enemy it hits for a short period. With enough bonus Ability Power, Void Seeker deals more damage and refunds some of the cooldown. While the rest of her abilities favour Attack Damage, Void Seeker is effective for the useful on-hit effects, but can also be used to deal damage in an Ability Power build, like Ezreal’s W.

E: Supercharger

When activated, Kai’Sa charges up, gaining movement speed but becoming unable to attack. After she has stopped charging, Kai’Sa gains a significant attack speed boost. Basic attacks also reduce Supercharger’s cooldown. If the player builds enough Attack Speed, Living Weapon evolves her E to give her invisibility while charging up. This ability is very useful for her mobility, being an effective way to both engage enemies and escape.

R: Killer Instinct

Kai’Sa’s ultimate ability is notably weaker than most champions, but synergises well with her kit. Kai’Sa can instantly dash to any enemy marked with Plasma, with a considerably long range. Once she has dashed, Kai’Sa gains a damage-absorbing shield. Living Weapon has no effect on this ability. This ability, despite doing no damage, can place Kai’Sa in the perfect position to deal damage with her other abilities.

Kai'Sa ablilty collage

Ways to play

Kai’Sa appears to be a hybrid champion, with her kit allowing her to take multiple roles. With both her Q and E dealing Attack Damage, she seems like a perfect fit for the ADC role. However, the moblilty of her E and R, combined with the vision her W grants, Kai’Sa would make an effective Jungler. Her kit seems tailored to closing the distance and picking away at the bones of a fight for easy kills. Her W is the only Ability Power based attack, but her passive Caustic Wounds also deals bonus magic damage. This leaves open the possibility for an AD/AP hybrid style build, using items like Guinsoo’s Rageblade. While there is no official release date, expect Kai’Sa to hit the PBE servers soon.

"Life and death are separated by the smallest stumble." - Kai'Sa

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