The Burnout franchise has a lot of nostalgia to its name. Many modern day adult gamers have memories of playing Burnout Paradise 10 years ago, tearing apart the city streets freely and crashing into each other like few other racing games would allow.

Nostalgia or not, though, Burnout Paradise was a classic game which comes highly recommended even to players that didn’t experience it as a child. That’s also probably why it’s being remastered for the next gen consoles, due to release in less than a month on March 16th.

The Looks

The game will be available in 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One, but those with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will have access to the game’s native 4k 60fps capabilities; an exciting thought with all those immanent explosions and crashes.

The trailer, released today, shows us snippets of what we can expect in the remaster. The video itself is heavily edited and interspersed with cinematics and camera angles, so it’s actually quite hard to tell how much the remaster has changed. The cars certainly look nicer, but hopefully we’ll fully feel the visual difference and see the game’s environment when we get down to actually playing it ourselves.

The What and When

The remaster will see the return of DLC’s the likes of Big Surf Island. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

With the remaster, Burnout Paradise is bringing back all of its main DLC packs. This means all the car additions, missions, and the extra zone Big Surf Island will be returning. Only the Time Savers pack is being omitted, under the reasoning that “it was basically a cheat code.”

Burnout Paradise Remastered can be preordered now for $47.95 AUD, and members of EA Access can start playing a week earlier on a 10 hours free trial mode. While it has currently only be announced for PS4 and Xbox One, we can expect a PC release date at some point in the future. PC fans may not be as eager to get their hands on a graphics update they likely already had, but this will be the first time the DLC is available on PC, making it worth considering.