Image via No Mans Sky

  • No Man’s Sky will be getting Multiplayer
  • The announcement came from an inside Xbox Stream
  • ‘No Mans Sky Next’ will be release on July 24th

No Mans Sky Developer Sean Murray was a special guest on the May 17th Twitch Broadcast of Inside Xbox, announcing the news at the beginning of his presentation.

In 2016, No Mans Sky was lauded with controversy when the game was said to have multiplayer and a wealth of other features on launch, when it didn’t. Here’s what Crowbcat made of it.

But now, Sean Murray is talking actual Mulitplayer in No Mans Sky with the Next update.

After a stream of updates over the past 2 years, No Mans Sky is looking to get a Cooperative, Multiplayer update to its model – however footage is yet to be shown.

Murray was discussing the release of the Next update as a new game release, as it will be the first time the game will be on Xbox One.

‘This is exciting… … when no mans sky Launches… .. you’re going to be able to play with your friends… … in kind of a full multiplayer experience’

Murray went on to say that the multiplayer is ‘a really different experience’ and ‘It’s more Battlestar, it’s like Star Trek away team’. He then said elements of the multiplayer would include being able to ‘come across random strangers and travellers’ and if you’re that guy, you can kind of go and prey on other people’.

Later into the interview, Murray also said that ‘we’re good at making games, we’re better at that than talking about it’ – I’m all for a modest developer.

No Mans Sky Next will be available on July 24, and will be available across all platforms.