Long time sci-fi franchise Halo is finally getting a TV series. The franchise had been around since late 2001 and had amassed a massive following for its FPS sci-fi genre.

Showtime had announced the live-action TV series and recruited big names such as Kyle Killen, Rupert Wyatt and Scott Pennington which would raise expectations for the very long anticipated TV show. It should be noted that the TV show had been in the rumor mill since 2013, and fans had been waiting for roughly half a decade for the series to take flight.

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The story of the Halo Franchise has generally been centred around humanity and their conflict with a group of alien races known as the Covenant. The Covenant had not only a number of races that act in several roles within it, but superior technology and weapons to go along with it. Of course, without spoiling the franchise, there are other parties surrounding the lore which there would be no doubt, be mentioned in the TV series.

For those who are hoping to follow the iconic John-117 or better known as “Master Chief”, you might be slightly disappointed. Showtime revealed little in the TV series except that it would have personalised stories during the events of Halo. There will be appearances, after all, he is the most well-known character of the franchise, but don’t hold your breath.

“Halo is our most ambitious series ever, and we expect audiences who have been anticipating it for years to be thoroughly rewarded,” said David Nevins, President and CEO of Showtime Networks. True to that statement, the sci-fi series is already established in its lore. The producers and directors will have a lot to work on to make the TV series fairly independent to be successful.

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Regardless, this TV series which will begin production at early 2019, has a huge potential. They have the ability to expand the Halo universe even further, creating stories about the Marines, Spartans, Elites and other parts of the universe. Personally, I’m excited to see more Spartans and their missions against the Covenant as well as an appearance of the ominous Flood.

The wait may have been long, but finally it rears its head and decided to get almost everything it needs to get off the ground. The series will be on air through the CBS studios international across the globe.

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