Jason lives! Gun Media, the developers behind the multi-player horror game, Friday the 13th, has announced the Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition version of the game. This special edition will be available on September 4 and owners of an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will be able to get their bloody hands on it.

Initially reported by Bloody Disgusting, The Friday the 13th Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition comes with some pretty sweet goodies that fans of the franchise will really want. This special edition comes with:

  • Authentic NECA Replica Jason Mask from Friday the 13th Part 3. Made from resin and hand painted, includes straps so you can wear the mask or hang on the wall for display.
  • Includes all previously released DLC and Retail Disc Exclusive Content on the disc.
  • Limited Edition Game Poster

The fact that this edition comes with all previously released DLC and exclusive content is a sweet deal on its own, but the fact it comes with a replica Jason Mask from one of the best films in the franchise is the cherry on top of this pile of dead camp counsellors.

The release of Friday the 13th Ultimate Slashers Collector’s Edition comes off the back of some bad news for the developers and fans of the title. The Friday the 13th franchise has been the centre of serious legal issues and as a result, any new films cannot be made. These legal issues also affect the Friday the 13th game. Until they are resolved inside our outside of court, no new content can be added to the game. Though the developer will continue supporting the game through updates, that is about all they can do for the time being.

With all of that aside, Friday the 13th is still going strong and has a dedicated and passionate playerbase. Hopefully, we will see more content added in the near future. I really want Uber Jason and Mrs Vorhees to be playable characters.

The Friday the 13th Ultimate Slasher Collector’s Edition is currently available for pre order on Amazon.