Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend


Haven’t got around to playing Elder Scrolls Online yet? Take advantage on the free weekend on right now and buy it on sale to continue your adventure.

The free weekend will run from the 30th of November until the 6th of December. For us in Australia that will be the 1st to the 7th of December. That’s a whole 7 days for you to explore Tamriel completely for free. The week long period will feature dungeon events and the sweepstakes promotion for the #10millionstories celebration.

Each new account created during the weekend will receive 500 crowns of in game currency to use in the ESO store. Crowns can be used to purchase clothing, pets and many other items in the crown store. If you made an account during any previous free events, all progress and characters will remain for you to continue with. Purchasing the game after taking part in this free event will also save your account so you can keep playing after the weekend ends.

While ESO has been out since 2014, the love for the Elder Scrolls world never ceases. The MMO is a little different to the previous Elder Scrolls games. You can play with your friends and others instead of completing quests alone. If you played Skyrim or Oblivion you can relive those memories by traveling there. ESO expands most lands of Tamriel including Skyrim, Morrowind and Cyrodiil where Oblivion was set.

What you can win in the Sweepstakes

Every item in the Crown Store.

Have your likeness or your character become a NPC in the game.

Custom Elder Scrolls PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

Custom PC or Console
Custom PC or Console

A Trip to PAX East 2018.

Corsair Peripherals.

Merchandise and other great prizes.

Merchandise and other prizes
Merchandise and other great prizes

Unfortunately some of these prizes will be unavailable in certain countries and Australia is one of those. Elder Scrolls Online is currently 50% off on Steam so if you haven’t had enough of Tamriel you can keep playing your character when you purchase the game.

The free weekend will end on Thursday the 7th so make the most of the free whole week and start playing now.