With week 3 of LCK’s 2018 Spring Split drawing to a close, the matches have been reviewed and the standings have been updated. KSV, the team formerly known as Samsung Galaxy, are tied first place with kt Rolster on a score of 5-1. SKT Telecom T1, on the other hand, is tied last place with MVP on a score of 1-5.

LCK standings, as of the end of week 3. Source: Screengrab from LCK1 SPOTV GAMES LIVE.

The week saw balanced 1-1 performances from teams MVP and Jin Air Greenwings. Meanwhile, teams KSV, KING-ZONE DragonX, kt Rolster, and Afreeca Freecs went undefeated. Afreeca Freecs was particularly noteworthy, as it was their overwhelming victory over SKT which highlighted just how severely SKT is underperforming.

Post-game analysis of SKT’s gameplay was merciless. A screenshot of the damage charts revealed that Blank only dealt 612 damage to champions as Jax jungle, a stat which earned both Blank and SKT a roasting on Reddit. Furthermore, the casters went on to highlight Untara’s lane performance this season as “a disaster”, citing many of his numbers (gold difference at level 10, CS per minute, damage per minute) as lowest of all top laners in the LCK. “To say he’s been poor,” LCK caster PapaSmithy said, “is an understatement.”

SKT, and Faker, in their fall from grace at Worlds 2017. Source: LoL Esports Photos Flickr.

This is a sheer drop in SKT’s standard of play. The team, which has won three League of Legends World Championship titles, was bested by Samsung Galaxy at last year’s Worlds competition. Despite their eventual loss, they had at least made it to the Grand Finals. Here, SKT is on track to finish the Spring Split at the bottom of the leaderboard, which could affect their chances of going to Worlds this year.

Despite the numbers indicating that SKT’s top and jungle players are the weak links holding them back, PapaSmithy clarified on Twitter that there’s no single, concrete reason for SKT’s failings:

SKT is due to play against teams bbq OLIVERS and KSV this upcoming week, the latter team being the very same team to defeat SKT at Worlds 2017. Defeating team KSV, which incidentally is also currently tied first in LCK standings, could mark a big turnaround for SKT this Spring Split. Both SKT and their fans could undoubtedly do with that morale boost right now.