PUBG new Anti-Cheat


The Anti-Cheat updates are set to roll out this week with Bluehole‘s newest ways to tackle those pesky hackers. These new measures might finally give you the opportunity to get a win or convince you to come back to PUBG. Finding a hacker in every game may not be as common anymore but they’re still out there. You might get to the last two players in your match only to see the other guy speed run across your screen and not even line up the shot before you’re dead. It happens to the best of us but now it may be easier to get rid of those who ruin it for the rest of us.

Over the weekend, Bluehole announced how these Anti-Cheat updates will work in a blog post by the head of service management & anti-cheat, Dohyung Lee. Here is what they plan to tackle and what has already been implemented into the test servers.

Helper Programs

According to the post, Bluehole plans to use the new measures in addition to the existing Anti-Cheat solutions already in place. These measures will block unauthorized helper programs that give an unfair advantage to the players using them. Helper programs can alter the game in ways that assist the player such as aim assist or allowing players to see through parts of the map. Other programs that “behave like cheats” but do not give any unfair advantage to the player may also be blocked. The test server aims to identify the harmless programs and unblock them as soon as possible according to Lee.

Player Reports

Bluehole have also announced they will be changing the in game reporting system to improve how they investigate those reports. Lee has said that reported content will now be investigated “faster and more accurately.” Players are highly encouraged to report any player they suspect to be cheating.

In Game Player Reports
In Game Player Reports

Family Sharing

Family sharing through steam is where players can give access to their steam library to other steam accounts. This means that those accounts can play any game in that library without needing to pay for it. When family sharing a game however, it can only be used by one account at a time. Bluehole have decided to disable family sharing for PUBG as they have “identified a number of vulnerabilities that are being exploited.” Players who used this to play the same character across multiple accounts will no longer be able to do so.

File Modification

In Lee’s blog post the stance on file modification was put pretty simply. Tampering with game files will result in your game access being blocked. Players that “delete, modify or manipulate in any way the files affecting any of the game systems and mechanics” can say goodbye to their account.

Of course most of us play by the rules and do not engage with any of these activities. Steam reviews for PUBG still remain mixed overall with high volumes of negative reviews. Many upset players even call for China to be region locked as Battleye tweeted they account for majority of those banned. Battleye continues to update us on the numbers with over 1 million banned just last month. Hopefully these measures can improve the gaming experience in PUBG for everyone.

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