Zedtown Last Haven Survival Guide


The Sydney leg of the real life zombie survival game, Zedtown: Last Haven, is coming up this weekend. Here is what you need to know to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

Zedtown is Australia’s largest Nerf War that brings all your zombie nightmares to life. All players begin as Survivors once registered with their own dog tag. These dog dags carry unique codes that will be used to identify you and record achievements. Last Haven is 18+ and will be held at the Allianz Stadium in Sydney on December 9th. The Blood Games begin at 2pm (Day Session) and 7pm (Night session) running for 3 hours each, where teams will complete objectives until the final evacuation.

What to Bring

Nerf Gun

Nerf gun: You’re gonna need something to shoot with, that’s where your Nerf Guns will come in handy. Nerf has a wide variety of weapons to choose from, the best for this event will come down to personal preference. Other brands of foam dart/ball/arrow weapons are acceptable on the exception of Rival. Make sure not to modify them internally or make them look too realistic, fun paint jobs are okay.

AmmoAmmo: You can never have enough ammo. Once you’ve shot a dart, you probably won’t be able to go and pick it up without risking getting caught. Bring plenty of extras, backups and reserve ammo so that it will last you the whole game.

Smart Phone: You can download the Zedtown app on your phone Smart Phonethat will be used in game to track your achievements and receive updates on the game. The app also allows you to tune into the Zedtown apocalyptic radio station that can reveal information about evolution of the virus.

Good Shoes: You will have to do some running from zombies at one point Running Shoesor another and will be on your feet for most of the 3 hour event. Some good shoes will help you get through the game comfortably and still be able to walk the next day.

Water BottleWater: It is important to keep hydrated during the event. Bring your own water just in case you can not find any there.Ticket

Ticket: To Purchase your ticket go to Ticketek for Zedtown: Last Haven. Your ticket will be needed to register so you’ll require it to play.

Positive AttitudePositive Attitude: Everyone is there to have fun an enjoy the event so display good sportsmanship throughout and don’t forget to have fun yourself.


How to Survive

Complete Objectives: Each team will have to complete a series of objectives before evac. Complete these with your squad quickly and efficiently so you don’t get caught up with any Zombies that find you.

Stick Together: Zombies can only tag one survivor every 3 seconds so don’t let them pick you off one by one. Stick with your squad and move in groups so you don’t get caught off guard.

Run: These Zombies aren’t slow so you’re going to have to outrun them.. and lots of them. Be agile, fast and know your way around the venue so you can hide or run back to base quickly.

Reminder: It’s okay to get caught, being a Zombie is just as fun as being a survivor. Many of the achievements can be won on the Zombie side so the game is not over for you. Leave all allegiances behind and try to catch your friends.

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