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With a Nanoleaf Rhythm Starter Kit, we watched some of our favourite E3 trailers again. The way the light panels pulsated and changed based on the audio gave the trailers a more immersive, dramatic feel. For the most part, action scenes with loud sounds felt more intense with explosions of colour and quieter scenes with ambient music were matched visually with slower colour changes. There were eight Rhythm Scene patterns to choose from and our favourites were Fireworks (used for Halo Infinite and Kingdom Hearts III) and Sound Bar (used for Gears 5 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice).

Setting up the Nanoleaf Rhythm Starter Kit took half an hour. The first part was the longest which was figuring out how to arrange the nine panels. If you prefer having instant inspiration, you can try out the online Nanoleaf Layout Generator, but it was fun connecting the panels and coming up with all sorts of layouts. Highly recommend you do this on a flat surface.

Once we settled on a layout, we connected the power and Rhythm Module components and turned it on. At this point, it was like a snazzy lamp with bright colours. Pretty cool except we wanted to see some interactive lighting action. To get that, we downloaded the Nanoleaf app which is used to connect wirelessly to the panels and set up personalised colour schemes and Rhythm Scenes. For those that like to rush head on without reading the instructions, this is where you need to pause for a second because there will be a code you’ll need in the small instruction booklet that comes with the box. Get that code, punch it in the app, and after a skippable tutorial you should be all set. The only part left to do is to mount it on the wall. We never got to this but there are adhesive strips in the box for this purpose. If you’re unsure, check out the steps below. We preferred to keep the light panels flat on the table while watching the E3 trailers on a tablet.

The Rhythm Module uses any audio it can pick up on to change the colours and intensity of the light panels. This can be from your speakers, your voice or anything else that makes a sound. When you’ve set up a Nanoleaf Rhythm Starter Kit for the first time, you’ll likely find yourself making all manner of random sounds just to see how the panels would react. Don’t hold back. Whoop. Yodel. Screech. Go for gold. Months later, you’ll probably keep on making these sounds occasionally when you’re procrastinating just to mess around with the lights.

If you want an even more immersive gaming experience, there’s the Nanoleaf and Razor integration you can do with Windows Pairing Tool so the panels react to in-game events.

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