Throwdown Esports will be hosting Australia’s first large-scale live Street Fighter V competition at PAX Aus this weekend. Through a series of qualifier tournaments 4 players, along with 4 invited pro players, will battle it out for the ultimate prize – a spot in the Red Bull Kumite Open Qualifiers in France.

Road to the finals

The series began with online qualifiers on the 4th of October for residents in ACT, NT, QLD, SA, TAS and WA. The VIC and NSW online qualifiers were held the following day. The top 8 was held on the 6th with the online spot going to “VS.AMG | FVYassBass777″ from WA.

The Sydney LAN Qualifier followed suit on the 14th. In a tournament with free entry, it definitely brought out some of NSW’s strongest players. Of the 22 entrants, the spot went to Team WP’s “RumoursofGhost”. A week later, on the 22nd, CouchWarriors would run the Melbourne LAN Qualifier at their monthly ranbats (Ranking Battles). With the finals drawing near, a crowd of 25 players strong would emerge in this second last qualifier event. The player “Zed” would clear out the competition granting him the spot.

For those who still want to try their luck qualifying, players can enter the PAX ‘Last Chance Qualifier’ this Friday, held at the event’s Console tournament area. The winner, along with the other qualified players, will then join the 4 invited pro players on Saturday to battle it out for the grand prize – a custom built arcade cabinet (containing 15 Street Fighter games), $2500 cash and tickets, flights, and accommodation to the Red Bull Kumite Open Qualifiers in France.

Sweet, sweet cash

But even landing in 2nd, 3rd or 4th lands you a nice reward, granting competitors a handsome $1500, $750, and $250 respectively. Players looking to join the last qualifier can register for free on the day and can check here for tournament details and rules.

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