Rare’s Sea of Thieves is getting a closed beta before the month is out, straight on the heels of December’s alpha testing. The game is being marketed as a shared world, pirate themed answer to Destiny with a focus on treasure hunting and co-operative ship battles.

Announced on Microsoft’s official Xbox Wire blog, the closed beta will be available to gamers who preordered the game or signed up to the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme before December 1, 2017. The full game won’t be accessible, however executive producer Joe Neate assures it will be “a great chance to get your sea legs” before the game’s release.

Hunting loot is the aim of the game. Lootboxes? We don’t know that much yet.

The beta will run for five days from 10 pm (AEST) January 24 to 6 pm (AEST) January 29, with the client to be up for download 24 hours prior. As with all online services, this will still require an Xbox Live Account/Xbox Live Gold Membership for PC and Xbox One players respectively.

However there’s still cause for excitement in fans who don’t meet these criteria as this closed preview comes without NDA, meaning players are free to share streams, videos, clips, and screenshots. Given we haven’t seen anything new from Rare since Kinect Sports Rivals in 2014, this will definitely be one to watch.

Microsoft has been recently noted for a drought of exclusive games, focusing instead on the launch of the upgraded Xbox One X hardware in 2017. With Sea of Thieves’ full release on sail for March 20th, will this quench your thirst for adventure? Let us know in the comments!

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