Cheaters are a well known quantity in PUBG, and a recent video uploaded by Redditor MagicIsBull indicates they have some new tricks up their sleeves.

While aim-bots and wall-hacks have been known to players for some time, MagicIsBull’s deathcam footage shows his killer reviving an ally with a button press and instantly refilling his health bar after the scuffle. This is backed up by the below video, where another user is seen reviving three downed allies within seconds.

For perspective, those playing by the rules would need ten seconds to revive an incapacitated player and eight seconds to heal-up. Although there’s been no official response to the healing hacks, developer Bluehole did recently issued a Steam blog post addressing cheating as a whole. Here they claim to have performed a “thorough gameplay data review of 10 million players” and issued permanent bans to 100,000 players caught using a ‘new pattern of cheats’.

Battleye, an anti-cheat software company working alongside Bluehole, claimed to have banned 1,500,000 players as of December last year (with up 13,000 banned each day). The vast majority of these players  are reportedly coming from China.

Although gamers tend air frustrations with most games on their respective subreddit, the comments in response to MagicIsBull’s thread are particularly grim. Several users are citing this as the beginning of the end for the game, with some planning to move onto competitor Fortnite and others having abandoned the game months ago due to cheaters.

Will you continue playing while Bluehold cleans up the battleground, or have these hacks ground your battles to a halt?

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