New Overwatch hero revealed Brigitte


Blizzard revealed their 27th Overwatch hero this morning, Brigitte. The latest hero is a support with tank-like attributes giving her a hybrid play style. Her abilities are a combination of Reinhardt and Torbjörn’s, which is a perfect reflection of her backstory. She was first teased in the “Honour and Glory”, developing her origins as Torbjörn’s daughter and Reinhardt’s squire. While Blizzard haven’t revealed when she will be released, she is avaliable for play on the public test region (PTR). They also released a short trailer detailing some of her origin story.


For a full rundown of her abilities, go to Blizzard’s official page, but here are the basics.

Rocket Flail – Her basic attack is a sweeping flail similar to Reinhardt’s hammer but with more range.

Repair Pack – The bread and butter of her support kit, these packs will heal players or, if their health is full, give them armour like Torbjörn’s armour packs.

Whip Shot – A long range attack that sends Brigitte’s flair forward to enemies, dealing damage and knocking them back.

Barrier Shield – Playing exactly like Reinhardt’s, her shield is wide enough to cover Brigitte and can absorb 600 damage.

Shield Bash – While her shield is deployed, Brigitte can charge forward, keeping her shield up and stunning any enemy hit.

Rally – Brigitte’s ultimate is similar to Zenyatta’s ultimate. She empowers allies within a circular area, giving them armour and movement speed.

Character design

While not the most original new hero, Brigitte is the most interesting. Her lore is so closely woven into the base game that it’s hard not to appreciate Blizzard’s design. As Torbjörn’s daughter she showed an interest in mechanical engineering and her father’s workshop. However, where her father excelled in weapons, Brigitte became an armour specialist. Her fixation on her father’s work led her to another member of Overwatch, Reinhardt. Filling her head with tales of their glory, Reinhardt inspired Brigitte to join his side amongst the Crusaders. Responsible for repairing his armour, Brigitte learned the best way to protect Reinhardt wasn’t through repairs but keeping him from rushing headlong into battle. As a result, Reinhardt trained her and she began fighting besides him. Visually, she is exactly what a Reinhardt/Torbjörn hybrid would be. With similar Crusader armour as her mentor and high tech gadgetry like her father, Brigitte’s design adds to her tough stature. She also has the same Swede accent as Torbjörn.

Overwatch Brigitte Honour and Glory
Players were first introduced to Brigitte in the Honour and Glory short

Fans speculated over the 27th hero for some time now, but it turns out she was under their nose the whole time. Finally they have the Support/Tank hybrid, Brigitte. For more Overwatch news, such as speculation over the mysterious Emre hero, stay tuned to Gamers Classified.

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