CSGO map changes for Nuke


It has been a few months since we last saw Counter-Strike map changes like this. Back in October Valve revamped their most popular bomb scenario map Dust 2. The map changes come as a way to change how the map is played as it often does not receive much love in the professional map pools. These changes to Nuke are not as big as they were for Dust 2 but they certainly do change how the map works. Here are some of the changes made to the nuclear power plant map.

Something is missing

The window on the side of hut has now been removed. Previously you were able to jump through this window as quick access into lobby or watch for players pushing. Now you must take the long way around, however, it also gives extra cover with less angles to be shot from. The ladder that comes down from the catwalk above A site has also been removed as well as the catwalk itself being moved.

Hut Window removed from A site
Hut Window removed from A site

The catwalks are gone!

No more running along the rooftop catwalks to get around the map and get the drop on those CT’s. The catwalks from silo to heaven have been removed along with the helper railings onto silo. It is still possible to jump on to silo but it takes a bit more practice, similar to older versions of Nuke.

Outside Catwalk removed
Outside Catwalk removed

Boxes aplenty

More boxes have been added to B site, these boxes act as cover for the back corner of the site that was previously open. The boxes used to jump onto hut on A site have also been moved back to their old positions.

New boxes on B Site
New boxes on B Site

Let there be light!

Above A site, some skylights have been added to the roof. These breakable windows allow for new grenade executes into the site from the roof. Grenades can also be thrown through the windows from A site onto the rooftop.

Skylights added on A site
Skylights added on A site

Not so secret

Old Secret has now been blocked off from the area of play. The spot behind garage was a keen sniper spot to catch players on top of silo. This change will push players out of the camping spot and gives them less cover.

Secret near garage blocked off
Secret near Garage blocked off

The full Patch notes for Nuke are as follows:

  • Removed outer catwalk completely
  • Removed helper catwalk onto silo
  • New type of skylight windows in A site
  • Added some cover in corner at back of B site
  • Removed railings when entering B site from ramp
  • Removed window in hut
  • Moved entrance to hut slightly further in
  • Moved up spawns for both teams
  • Flipped static doors at T entrance to ramp
  • Blocked off “old secret” area outside of garage
  • Added solid white walls near CT spawn
  • Rotated container outside of garage, and removed some smaller crates
  • Removed access to crane inside of A site, made more of rafters accessible
  • Reverted box-path onto hut inside A site to the old configuration
  • Removed ladder up to rafters from inside A site
  • Added collision for physics objects (except grenades) near water in B site
  • For tournament organizers, the old version of Nuke is available on the Workshop.

Have you had the chance to check out these changes in game yet? Let us know what you think of them.

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