Fortnite tops Twitch viewers and streamers count


Once again Fortnite is making waves in the gaming world. It has now claimed the top spot for most viewed game on popular streaming platform Twitch.

Fortnite is currently thousands of viewers ahead of both League of Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on Twitch. With over 300,000 viewers watching the battle royale at its peek, it has completely shot past its competitors. Adding to this, nearly 7,000 twitch channels have been streaming the game with some of the larger channels pulling in tens of thousands of viewers each.

#1 Fortnite viewers on Twitch

Fortnite Twitch Viewers

When you compare this to League of Legends and PUBG, who sit and second and third respectively, there’s a big difference. Fornite nearly doubled the average viewers of PUBG this week while not quite catching it for peak viewers.

#2 League of Legends

LOL Twitch Performance

#3 Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Twitch Performance

Interestingly enough, in 4th place for viewers on Twitch is Counter-Strike. The ESL Pro League recently swapped over from Twitch to Facebook live streaming and saw a dramatic loss in viewership. While the game’s average live channels has decreased the viewers have still increased from last week for both CSGO and PUBG.

#4 Counter-Strike Global-Offensive

CSGO Twitch viewers

A clear advantage for Fortnite’s battle royale over the likes of PUBG is that it is free-to-play. The sheer amount of concurrent players the game is getting mirrors the rapid and explosive success of the game that inspired it. EPIC Games, the creators of Fortnite, came under fire over the intentions of the battle royale mode when it was first released. People weren’t happy that it appeared to be a copy of PUBG, it is however its own game, despite sharing the same genre. EPIC is no stranger to controversy, which since then have again angered fans after announcing they will be shutting down one of their other popular games, Paragon. The reasoning for pulling the plug was down to lack of members on the development team, who had all of course moved over to work on Fortnite.

So did this sacrifice pay off?

Well, with the Twitch stats in mind, it seems it has. It appears all the effort put into making Fortnite successful has done just that. The rapid increase in average channels streaming Fortnite along with the reduction of channels streaming other games, shows many streamers are jumping on the bandwagon. This increase also indicates that new channels are popping up because of the game. With over 1,000 active partners, many streamers have taken advantage of it’s popularity, gaining viewers that then help them become a partner of Twitch. Already popular streamers like DrDisRespect and Shroud have also been streaming more fortnite as of late, bringing with them their massive audiences.

This all may be good for Fortnite now but does the game have the longevity to maintain these audiences when the next big thing comes along? Can it hold onto this huge success or will it die off like so many other explosively popular games have in the past?