First Week of Overwatch League Standings


The first week of Overwatch League has kicked off to a fiery start with the second week resuming on Thursday the 18th of January, for us watching in Australia. The favorites reinforced their odds by securing both match wins for the week.

The first of 4 stages before the playoffs consists of 6 weeks of matches to determine which teams will advance. The top team of each division will receive a bye for the first round of the playoffs. The remaining top 4 teams will also qualify for the playoffs before the grand finals later in the year. Each match consists of 4 games played on different maps. The team who wins the majority of those maps, wins the match, with draws going to a tie breaker.

For the Pacific division, Seoul Dynasty had been picked to win the first season of the League. Representing the Atlantic division, London Spitfire came in a close second behind Seoul for the favourites. Both these teams along with Los Angeles Valiant and New York Excelsior won both their matches, claiming the top spots at the end of the first week of stage 1. The results below from Overwatch League’s website show the standings thus far.

Week 1 Results

Week 1 Day 1 Match Standings

Week 1 Day 2 Match Standings

Week 1 Day 3 Match Standings

Week 1 Day 4 Match Standings
Results from Week 1 of Overwatch League.

Week 1 Standings

Overwatch League Standings Week 1
Overwatch League Standings Week 1

The first map of the opening night for Seoul Dynasty against Dallas Fuel was the only map they managed to lose for the whole first week. Dynasty admit they are still weak on strategies for Junkertown, which is still a relatively new map in the game. Los Angeles Valiant went one above that and were the only team to win every map. Valiant steamed rolled San Fransisco Shock and Dallas Fuel winning 4-0 and 3-0 in their respective matches. No team went without a map win even if they lost the match overall. It is still only the first week and anything can happen from here in the weeks to come.

Overwatch League is set to change up Overwatch eSports with its 2017-2018 league. If it is a success it could look to follow the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike Global-Offensive eSports scenes. The League is a bit of a gamble at this stage for both Blizzard and those invested in the teams competing. Owners of the New England Patriots and Arsenal FC have both bought into the League, owning Boston Uprising and the Los Angeles Gladiators respectively. Overwatch is still new to eSports so it remains to be seen how the League performs in the coming months.

How to show your support

There will always be matches to watch on Twitch and news to follow on the Overwatch League App. Fans can also purchase in game skins to support their favourite teams and wear their colours proudly. Launching Overwtach before February 13th will grant players with 100 free League tokens to buy any League skin. Additional tokens can also be purchased should players wish to buy more skins to add to their collection.

The second week will resume back on Thursday the 18th of January. San Fransisco Shock will take on Philadelphia Fusion in the first match, starting at 11am AEDT.