The long awaited update to Warframe has finally landed, providing players with a new and dynamic area unlike anything seen before in the world of Warframe. Players can now explore, fly and fight as they discover the wide range of activities the Plains have to offer.

The biggest feature of the update is the massive 5 square kilometres of fields, hills and caves for players to free roam, the first ever open world area in Warframe.

Map of the Plains of Eidolon

Players can explore the Plains either solo or in squads of 2-4. Which ever way you choose to experience it there’s a wide range of activities to do. Players can simply go raid the Grineer stations and outposts that are spread along the Plains. Or take the scenic route and pass the time by hunting the unique wildlife, spearfishing or mining to get resources for weapons and gear.

Fishing and Mining

The fun doesn’t stop there as players can fly through the Plains thanks to the new Sky Archwing, giving a breathtaking view from above. It adds some nice vertically to Warframe’s already varied combat, creating a new way to defeat grounded enemies.

Aerial battle with the Archwing

A day and night cycle has also been implemented creating new gameplay systems. A day lasts 100 minutes  followed by 50 minutes of night. At this hour the Grineer hide and make way for the Sentients and Eidolons that roam, requiring powerful Tenno to band together to take the mighty beasts down.

A squad facing off an Eidolon

However, players need not worry about the enemies of the night for they can pass time in the central hub of Cetus. Cetus is the area where players can get new missions, craft weapons and items from the various vendors and sign-up for bounties. Hubs can have up to 50 players at once, providing the opportunity to team up when before venturing into the unknown.

The main hub for players and NPCs

Just like with previous updates a new Warframe has also been released: Gara, the glass-inspired warrior

The latest addition to the game’s playable Warframes

For a full list of other changes made in this update, click here. The Plains of Eidolon update is out now on PC and will hit console later in November.

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