Destiny 2’s first expansion Curse of Osiris is dropping on the 5th of December, giving players new content to enjoy come the holidays. New missions, new activities, new loot to grind. Here’s everything we know so far.


The expansion’s story and main questline brings players to Mercury to rescue Osiris from the Vex. In doing so players will discover Osiris’ past especially his link to Ikora who was once her mentor. The DLC’s mini-campaign is set to last between 2-3 hours. Though not long, there are still a whole new range of new missions, adventures, strikes, Crucible maps, new free roam activities for players to enjoy.

Although exact details on the missions haven’t been revealed, one can assume that they’re most likely to fall under the DLC’s story. However we can always suspect that some new Adventures will be included as well. New strikes will be available as well. Though they are initially introduced as part of the DLC’s missions, they do get added to the playlist, adding to the already available ones from the base game.

A new Patrol space has also opened up on Mercury entitled The Infinite Forest. It’ll have new Lost Sectors, chests as well as public events including a new type on named Crossroads. Crossroad happens on platforms only available during the event, made available by killing enemies and dunking orbs. Apparently it’s the “most rewarding” Public Event, dropping 2 chests at the end (better hope for some good RNG!).

Infinite Forest

Post story content includes 11 weapon quests titled Lost Prophecies. They are mini-quests that require you to collect drops as you do certain activities like Public Events and Heroic Adventures. Upon fulfillment, you exchange them at an altar at the new Lighthouse social space rewarding you with Vex-themed weapons.

Eater of Worlds

New raid content is arriving although not in the way you’d expect. Instead of adding a new raid Bungie is introducing a new called “Raid Lair”. Raid Lair will add new locations to the already existing Leviathan Raid. The new “Eater of Worlds” will take hold on new parts of the Leviathan, featuring new areas, puzzles, a new boss and of course a higher Power level requirement of 300. Since it isn’t a whole new raid altogether, but rather more of an addon, it won’t take long to finish compared to the original, making grinding for loot all the more efficient.

Newly opened area in the Leviathan Raid

A new Crucible map is also coming with the expansion. Wormhaven will make its debut as a Playstation exclusive but we can expect it to arrive on Xbox One and PC some time soon. The expansion will also raise the level cap, from character level 20 to 25 and Power level 305 to 330 (335 with mods).

Although the expansion isn’t as big as what we’ve previously seen in the first Destiny, it does provide a taste as to the kind of content we can expect to see in the future. Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris releases on December 5 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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