Bandai Namco’s highly anticipated Dragon Ball FighterZ has expanded its roster with 2 classic and iconic villains: Captain Ginyu and Nappa. With explosive character trailers and action packed screenshots show us what these new additions have to offer.

Captain Ginyu and Nappa

Nappa is arguably one of the brawnier and bulkier characters in the entire Dragon Ball cast. Although dying at the end of the Dragon Ball Z’s first story arc, he does live to play a part in one of Dragon Ball’s most memorable moments.

Now he’s been brought back for some more explosive action.

Nappa is packed with his trademark moves from the anime and manga, including his explosive wave technique. His arsenal also includes Saibamen, allowing him to attack, grapple, and paralyse opponents or even explode to do further combo damage.

The Ginyu Force

Captain Ginyu, of the famed Ginyu Force, is also set to join the roster.

Here we can see a display of his unique skill set, including his signature Body Change ability. Other members of the Ginyu Force, namely Jeice and Recoome, can also been seen fighting along side the Captain in similar fashion to how Android 17 joins Android 18 for certain attacks.

Another 2 characters are planned to be revealed sometime this week. What characters would you like to see added to the roster? Dragon Ball FighterZ releases for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on the 26th of January, 2018. Pre-ordering digitally on the Playstation or Xbox stores will grant users early access to the open beta.

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