Image Via Blizzard

  • New Overwatch hero Brigitte as been released on the 21st of March at 5:42 AM.
  • The new hero is a support class with an emphasis on armour.
  • Brigitte is melee based with playstyle parallels to Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Zenyatta.

Brigitte is the newest addition to the Overwatch roster, being the 27th playable Hero in the game.

Image Via Blizzard

Incorporating playstyles from Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Zenyatta, Brigitte is a support hero with an emphasis on giving Armour, similar to how Zenyatta casts orbs and how Symettra projects shields, through a “repair pack” that can be cast on a player before needing to recharge.

Brigitte’s abilities include her rocket flail, similar to Reinhardt’s hammer, which is a melee weapon, swung fast.


Brigitte’s Combat Abilities, via uncommonfrighteneddwarfmongoose on Gfycat.

Similar to Reinhardt again, Brigitte has a Shield Barrier that protects her hitboxes and anybody behind her – with this she also has a Shield Bash that can stun and push back enemies.

On top of these abilities, she has a “whip shot” which launches the flail forward, which has knock back and a decent amount of damage.

Her ultimate is a group armour cast called “Rally” – the armour stays on her nearby allies until it is removed by damage.


One of Brigitte’s Highlight Intros, via grotesquebiglamb on Gfycat

The release comes as expected after Game Director Jeff Kaplan said on the forums last week that the team would be spending some time on the hero to make sure she is fully ready to be released.

It is unclear how Brigitte will effect the meta’s in the games different modes and competitive levels – this is the second support release in a row, after Moira’s addition to the game in November.

More information to come on how she plays in the game’s current build.

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