On the 9th of December 2017, zombies took over the entire Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium for the real world zombie survival game, Zedtown: Last Haven. Here’s our mini-movie highlighting the insane scale and intensity of the event. At times, the suspense and panic is almost palpable but there was also great banter and friendliness amongst all those who attended Zedtown: Last Haven.

Synchronized running. Now that’s a squad.
Parkour! Parkour!
Gotta bust some moves before busting zombies.
Going on zombie duty. More than welcome to join.
Get off my court and onto my dinner plate.
Imma bring backup.
The floor? The floor with the brains?
Go, go, go!
Woo! Zombay, partay!
A zombie spreading bubbles and good vibes can have my brains any day.
Bring it, zombies. Bring it.
Come on, give a guy a break.
Get the fudge out! Witch on the loose!
Reporting for duty, ma’am.
Run and don’t look back. You looked back.
Taking out zombies stealth mode style.
For Christmas, I received the gift of zombification.
The only thing that’s missing is the snack dispensing guy.
Stop looking in that direction. You’re making me nervous.
Can’t refuse a good ol’ zerg rush, can you?
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