If you’ve been following public opinion (especially that of Metal Gear Solid’s fanbase), you’re probably under the impression that Konami and Hideo Kojima aren’t on friendly terms. Metal Gear Survive, which came out a few days ago, had fans waiting anxiously to see the direction Konami would take without Kojima’s guidance. The response to the game itself wasn’t exactly ecstatic. However, a Twitter user just discovered an acronym in Metal Gear Survive which spells out “KJP Forever”; an acronym very likely referring to Kojima Productions.

Metal Gear Survive, Konami, and Kojima

Metal Gear Survive has had questionable success on launch, but that’s another story. Source: comicbook.com.

In 2015, Polygon chronicled the dramatic tensions that arose between Kojima and Konami, and the subsequent falling out of the two. Along this timeline, Kojima was dropped from Konami’s company, Kojima’s own studio was closed, and he was barred from attending or receiving game awards that year. Kojima spoke positively of his future on Twitter, but it’s hard to imagine there were no hard feelings over the entire ordeal.

Kojima was the mind behind almost the entirety of the Metal Gear Franchise. With Metal Gear Survive’s release, tensions were high and expectations for a game honouring Kojima were low. Critically, the game received an underwhelming response on Steam, and popular voices in the gaming community have condemned it already.

In the midst of this drama, though, Twitter user Michael Yurko discovered a hidden acronym on one of the games’s clipboards spelling out “KJP Forever.” Immediate community speculation is that this is almost certainly a reference to Kojima Productions. An homage, perhaps, to show that there are no hard feelings, and that the company appreciates everything Kojima did for their games.

Indicative, but Ambiguous

The acronym, as pointed out by Michael Yurko. Source: @NourishedPsyche Twitter.

That being said, we shouldn’t settle entirely on the meaning of this secret without confirmation from Konami. Some have considered the possibility that it was inserted by a rogue employee and slipped past Konami’s later checks. Some have conjectured that it could be a coincidence. One user has pointed out that it could actually mean Konami Japan, and is actually a statement of superiority rather than an homage. While the true meaning behind its origin and purpose is currently a mystery, there is no doubt to the impact it had on the wider community; a seemingly peaceful message to Kojima and his fans.

If you’re interested in this easter egg, you can keep an eye on Konami and Kojima’s Twitter accounts for any updates to see if they reference it. Plus, you can check back here at Gamers Classified for any future updates on the relationship between the two.